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Our mission is to empower, support, and develop students as they begin their journeys as entrepreneurs and founders.


All Whiteboard Programs are skill-based experiential education programs. During your time with us, we will stress exploring and developing transferable, hard skills that will be beneficial to your academic and professional careers.


Whiteboard Programs are revenue-first. We emphasis sales as the basis for business and do not over-emphasis fund raising or pitch decks. We work with students to identify opportunities to turn into commercial success.


All of our students are provided with support networks of mentors, business coaches, alumni, and experts. We have worked for years to cultivate a network of professionals who share a common commitment to student success.


We measure our success and the success of our students through skill development, sales performance, and growth metrics. Our incubator is designed on the principle of shared success. We are not repaid for our services until companies reach certain milestones.

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Global Startup Challenge

The Global Startup Challenge is a one to two week intensive boot-camp and competition designed to develop startup skills such as presentation, market validation, and budgeting. The GSC takes place multiple times a year around the world, but our flagship location is in Boston, MA, where students from around the world come each July. Students who complete the GSC have a much better chance of being accepted into the Whiteboard Incubator.


The Whiteboard Incubator is the first no-equity, no-tuition startup incubation program designed specifically for businesses owned and operated by high school students. The Incubator is a highly competitive program with no set acceptances. Some years will have multiple companies selected, some years may not have any. Accepted companies will be given office space, legal advice, marketing and sales guidance, and web development. The Incubator runs for six-weeks in Cambridge, MA.

Highly Selective

The Whiteboard Incubator is not a typical summer program. We make small investments in companies owned and operated by high school students. Therefore, our application process is incredibly selective– if companies do not success, we do not succeed. There is no set number of students or companies that we will accept; some years will have larger classes, some years may only have one acceptance, some may have none at all.

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Services & Support

Accepted companies and students will receive a package of services and support for our team of mentors, coaches, and experts. Companies accepted will be given office space in the CIC Cambridge, legal services, marketing and sales services, limited web and mobile development services. Housing and meals are not included but can be purchased.

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Non-Equity. Revenue-First.

Whiteboard Youth Ventures takes no equity in accepted ventures—founders own 100% of their companies. Instead, ventures will repay us for services provided only after predefined milestones are met. Each accepted company will have different milestones designed by our team. For example, a company may have a $10,000 sales milestone, after which point, the venture will repay us a royalty on each future sale until we have recouped our investment.

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Industry and Technology Agnostic

Our team has experience that spans multiple industries, including advertising, mobile, e-commerce, apparel, social-enterprise, B2B, gamification, consumer electronics, import/export, solar, and more. We place a heavier emphasis on companies with testable monetization plans.

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The Timeline

December 1

Applications Open

Starting on December 1, 2016, we will be accepting requests for applications for the Whiteboard Incubator. Before a full application is sent to you, you must fill out the application request form. Applications for the Global Startup Challenge will also be accepted at this time.

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January 20

First Round Acceptances

After reviewing our initial applications, we will accept our first round of companies for the Whiteboard Incubator. Accepted companies will have until January 30 to accept their spots, after which their spots will be released.

March 1

Applications Close

All candidates for the class of 2017 must submit their applications by midnight on March 1, 2017. No applications will be reviewed or accepted after this date.


March 10

Final Acceptances

Final acceptances will be issued no later than March 10, 2017. Accepted students will have until March 15 to reserve their spots, after which point they will not be accepted. Students may defer their acceptance for one year.

June 25 - July 28

Summer Incubator

Students in the class of 2017 are expected to be in Boston during the summer from June 25 until July 28. During this time, they will be provided with office space, mentors, and classes specifically designed to help their companies grow. Housing and meals are not included but may be purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Whiteboard Incubator?

The Whiteboard Incubator is a no-equity, no-tuition, four-week summer business program based in Cambridge, MA designed to help young founders prototype, validate their market, and begin the sales process.

What will happen during the Incubator?

Accepted students will spend the majority of their day working directly on their company, building and testing prototypes, conducting customer research, building pre-launch audiences, and selling. Throughout the Incubator, experts that work for Hubspot, Microsoft, Google, and various Boston-area startups will work hands on with students. Each day there will be a workshop designed to teach a specific skill, such as email marketing, A/B testing, responsive design, UI/UX, digital marketing, and financial projecting.

How is the Whiteboard Incubator different?

The Whiteboard Incubator is not a simulation of business, it is not about spending several weeks working on a pitch deck, and it is not a business plan program. We offer a true incubator experience, and we share in your success. That’s why there’s no tuition like other pay-to-play programs.


What is the selection criteria?

The Incubator is not an academic program, we are a business program. We look for makers, creators, and hustlers. Show us that your business concept has viability and that you are committed to its success.

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