There are many things to consider when deciding whether to hire somebody to create your website. Cost is probably the first that comes to your mind but there are many others that are important.


The amount of money you have to start your business is limited. Until you start bringing in revenue you are closely guarding each dollar. A budget is part of any business plan and money spent hiring somebody to create your site is money that is not being spent elsewhere. So, if you do not have room in your budget to hire then you won’t be able to do so.

Fast, Good, or Cheap: Pick Two.

If you do have some money in your budget for your website, then you are going to need to decide about what you want to prioritize. There is a saying, “Fast, good, or cheap. Pick two.” If you want a good website built quickly then it will cost you. If you want a good website but do not have much money, then it will take more time (probably with you learning to do it yourself). So, as with all business decisions, there are tradeoffs that you need to examine.


If your website will accept personal information or payment information from customers, then you might want to hire somebody to help you with it. A security breach can ruin a business’ reputation or even cause it to go bankrupt due to loss of customers or lawsuits.

Other Concerns

Beyond those primary considerations are some secondary considerations. The first is that even hiring somebody else to build your website is going to require a time commitment from you. You are going to need to be clear about your project requirements, create a scope of work (what they are going to deliver and for what price), and manage them throughout the process.

Another issue you might face is that even when you understand technology it can be difficult to estimate the time and cost of creating a website. What you might think are easy features are much more difficult to implement. Also, often you will want to make changes as you see the website take shape as you forgot to include something in the original requirements or you change your mind.

A rule of thumb for estimating time and cost is to take your best estimate and double it. And then double it again so that you know you will have plenty of money in your budget available to get it just right.