How to Start Your First Business While in High School

Starting a business at any age can be daunting, but we specialize in helping high school students start real companies, with real sales, real products, and real profits.

Frank and his team at Whiteboard helped me start my own clothing company. We found a manufacturer, built our ecommerce website, and ran social advertising. Now, we’re on pace to sell $60,000 of products in 2017!

Adam Lorenz-Kurk, founder of Kickback Pants

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Meet Frank Pobutkiewicz

My name is Frank Pobutkiewicz and I am the owner and Managing Director of the Whiteboard Youth Ventures, the Global Startup Challenge, and All-American Model United Nations Program, three education companies that work with high school students from around the world. Over the past six years, I’ve launched or advised the launch of multiple companies, including an international not-for-profit, a consumer electronics company, my education ventures, and a men’s fashion company, among others.

In 2017, I’m publishing Brick by Brick: How to Build a Business While in High school along with multiple games and exercises to help teach entrepreneurship to high school students. My specific views on entrepreneurial education combine skill building, project management, marketplace validation, and rapid prototyping. In addition to teaching and advising, I’m an avid blogger- you can read about all my projects on Medium.

Brick by Brick isn’t a theoretical business book filled with jargon and useless lessons. It contains actionable, step-by-step advice from developing your business idea, gaining real feedback, prototyping, and launching.


Learn our unique ideation process for coming up with new business concepts


Find out how to best pitch your business idea to solicit the best feedback


Build your prototype by incorporating customer feedback


Find out if there is a market for your new business before launching


Get all of my tips and tricks to prototype quickly and cheaply


Grow an audience that wants to buy your product before you start selling

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