Engadget: GenZe has a commuter e-bike for a connected world

No longer can the fear of sweaty pits or sore legs be a valid excuse for deciding not to ride your bike to work. GenZe has created an e-bike that gives you as much pedaling assistance as you need, making intimidating hills an effortless cruise. The $1,900 dollar bike does not only help you pedal, but even displays local weather, the battery condition and your range, logs your trips and shows you how much effort you put into a ride. Additionally, the bike even contains a USB port and a mount for your phone. GenZe is not the first company to launch an e-bike; however, GenZe’s bike is the lightest e-bike, and is the only one to have a compatible app.


Engadget: Disney CEO says their streaming service will be cheaper than Netflix

This past Summer, Disney announced that they will be removing their films from netflix and will be launching a streaming service of their own in 2019. Disney’s platform will include their extensive film library, as well as media from their various channels. In efforts to compete with pre-established streaming services, Disney’s CEO announced their service will be priced substantially cheaper than Netflix. For now Disney is aiming to earn as many subscribers as possible; however, as more content is added to their service, the price will likely increase as well.


Engadget: Google Shows how your account is most likely to be hijacked

Phishing, keylogging and third party breaches have been commonly known as the three main contributors to online security threats. In efforts to better understand how hijackers most commonly steal passwords and other sensitive data, Google conducted an analysis of online black markets from March 2016 to March 2017. The study showed 788,000 credentials to be stolen via keyloggers, 12 million stolen via phishing and 3.3 billion exposed by third party breaches; all within a year of investigating black markets. Mountain View was able to utilize the data from the study to secure 67 million Google accounts before they were breached; however, Google still recommends the use of password generators and two-factor authentication to make your account’s “unphishable”.


TechCrunch: Instagram could let you follow hashtags soon

Instagram is currently testing a feature on their platform that allows users to follow hashtags. Instagram no longer displays posts chronologically. Instead Instagram has moved to an algorithmic feed, where Instagram determines the relevance of the posts on your feed, causing frustration with many of their users. Implementing the ability to follow hashtags will allow users to once again view posts according to their interests, rather than one’s social graph. Furthermore, the ability to follow hashtags has the potential to make marketing through social media much more efficient, which could lead other social media platforms to follow in their footprints.

Instagram could let you follow hashtags soon

TechCrunch: Alibaba smashes its Single’s Day record once again as sales cross $25 billion

Alibaba reached its Single’s Day record within the first twelve hours of the world’s largest shopping day. With gross sales passing $25 billion for Alibaba alone, sales for China’s Single’s Day blows past America’s largest shopping days (Black Friday & Cyber Monday). Alibaba continues to show a return to growth, as the e-commerce giant proves its’ continuous ability to reach new consumers. Single Day began as no more than a promotion for Tmall, but over time has, “blossomed into the world’s largest single shopping date by some margin”. After this past Single’s Day, there is no question that online shopping still has room to grow.


TechCrunch: HBO launches an over-the-top streaming service in Central Europe

HBO is launching HBO Go, a subscription streaming-service of their own. The service will allow viewers in Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to stream HBO programming on all of their devices. A subscription permits access to HBO’s original series, documentaries, movies and more. HBO Go will also offer third-party content from other services, like The Handmaid’s TaleBabylon BerlinBillionsTwin Peaks and Luther. HBO Go is a big step in their pursuit to make HBO’s premium content accessible to series lovers across the globe.

HBO launches an over-the-top streaming service in Central Europe