TechCrunch: 3D home design startup Modsy raises $23 million in Series B funding

Modsy is a promising 3D imaging company that can redesign your home in a moment’s notice. All it takes is a few photos and Modsy will reconstruct a space in 360 3D before sending you designs rooted from a short questionnaire. The company reported that they’ve closed a $23 million Series B round led by Advance Venture Partners. Shanna Tellerman, Modsy’s CEO, believes, “This round of funding indicates that the industry is at a tipping point, and Modsy is leading the charge by taking a technology-first approach to transforming the home design market.” The startup is convenient, allowing users to directly purchase any items that make up their new home design. If the produced designs are not suiting your interests, you can even get a personal advisor to help you design your space. Say goodbye to imagining what a piece of furniture would look like in your home because now you can see it with your own eyes thanks to Modsy.

3D home design startup Modsy raises $23 million in Series B funding

Engadget: Apple is acquiring music recognition app Shazam

As Spotify continues to grow and get closer to going public, it has been reported that Apple will be purchasing the commonly used Shazam music recognition app. The deal is not yet official; however, it appears that the acquisition deal may be signed sometime this week. Shazam reached over 1 billion downloads back in 2016, a number that has likely grown significantly as they have added numerous features to their service. Although it is unlikely this deal will surpass 9 figures, Apple’s acquisition of Shazam is another big move for Apple Music following their $3 billion purchase of Beats.

TechCrunch: Google Maps will soon tell you when it’s time to get off your train or bus

Google Maps will become even more convenient as they get ready to implement a new feature to their application. The feature aims at giving users live-updates about their transit journey and will even alert users as they approach their destination. Riding the transit has never been simpler; now, all you will have to do is click the “start” button when you begin your ride on one of your local trains or buses and useful notifications will appear on both the app and your lock-screen itself. To make the feature even more appealing, it will be interactive, allowing users to scroll through their journey’s steps as they ride.

Google Maps will soon tell you when it’s time to get off your train or bus

TechCrunch: Ex-Uber data chief Kevin Novak joins LA-based startup Tala in big win for LA ecosystem

Tala, the LA-based startup, has an exciting future as Kevin Novak joins their team as their chief data officer.  Novak was Uber’s data chief and his past accomplishments for the ride-sharing app, Uber, are incredible. Tala uses data from android devices and online behaviors in order to underwrite users who may have never had a formal credit score. The company has raised $30 million and has launched in two additional geographical regions so far in 2017. Novak is excited to join Tala and Tala couldn’t welcome Novak with wider arms; the potential future for this startup is remarkable.

Ex-Uber data chief Kevin Novak joins LA-based startup Tala in big win for LA ecosystem

TechCrunch: Apple TV finally gets SiriusXM streaming

It’s about time Apple TV implements SiriusXM streaming to their service. Now, owners of the fourth generation Apple TV will be able to stream all of their favorite stations aired by the satellite radio giant. Since the feature is only accessible to those who already possess the subscription-based radio service, it would be no surprise if the amount of SiriusXM users increased over the next few months. The addition may not seem huge upfront; however, it will allow Apple TV to further compete with numerous Smart TV’s that already offer SiriusXM.

Apple TV finally gets SiriusXM streaming