TechCrunch: Canadian grocery chain orders 25 Tesla electric Semi trucks

The release of Tesla’s Semi trucks is off to a promising start. Despite the fact that Tesla is yet to announce the price of the all-electric heavy duty transport trucks, Loblaw, a Canadian grocery store, is purchasing 25 Semis. With a required deposit of $5,000, Loblaw is not the only company to join the wave of purchasing the alleged safest and most comfortable truck to ever hit the market. Walmart has decided to pilot the brand-new Tesla advancement with the purchase of 15 trucks. The release of the Semi is a risky move by Tesla because scaling up a new product-line does not come cheap and will take a great amount of capital. However, Elon Musk is confident the Semi will be another groundbreaking advancement for Tesla, with hopes for the trucks to play a grand role in helping businesses meet their green targets.

TechCrunch: Tesla’s newest product is a mobile battery pack to charge your phone

More exciting news coming from Tesla with their latest release of a mobile battery pack. The $45 The device features a built-in USB, micro USB and lightning cable so you don’t have to use a separate cord when charging your device. The Powerbank is actually powered by a standard lithium-ion cell that has been used in every Tesla made before the Model 3, making it a great gift for any Tesla fanatic.

Gizmodo: MoviePass probably won’t last, but it’s only seven bucks now

MoviePass, the subscription service that allows consumers to pay a monthly fee to see unlimited movies in theaters across the U.S., is cutting their questionably low prices once again. You can now purchase an annual subscription for only $6.95 a month, rather than purchasing individual tickets at the theater for a much greater price. Despite having over 600,000 subscribers, this out-of-the-ordinary business model surely has to overcome a lot of obstacles before turning profitable. Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass, is confident in the company’s future; he hopes the company will soon receive a cut from the cinemas who will be seeing an increase in moviegoers. MoviePass additionally plans on banking in on the user data with paid partnerships.

Engadget: London buses to be powered by ground coffee beans

In efforts to reduce pollution, London will be fueling their buses with coffee grounds. That’s right, coffee grounds. The collaboration of Bio-bean, Shell, and Argent Energy have made it possible to create B20 biofuel for double-decker buses by blending oil extracted from coffee-waste with diesel. The wasted grounds are collected from coffee shops, as well as instant coffee factories. This implementation should play an impactful role in London’s movement towards greener transport solutions and hopefully will motivate other regions to follow in their footsteps.

TechCrunch: Apple pushes HomePod release to early 2018

Apple has announced that their HomePod smart speaker will not be ready for their company’s initial December ship date. Apple, a tech giant known for their quality products, decided to perfect the HomePod, rather than rushing it’s production in time for the holiday season. With Siri built in, the $350 device is bound to be a major competitor to the Amazon Echo and other popular smart speakers. The direct cause of the delay of the product’s release remains unclear; however, the recent attention given to the HomePod has surely inclined other companies to enter the playing field.