TechCrunch: Black Friday pushes Jeff Bezos’ net worth to $100 billion

The richest person in the world just got richer after another record-breaking Black Friday for e-commerce. As Amazon’s shares soared this past weekend, Jeff Bezos watched his net worth reach $100.3 billion. Amazon’s CEO, who recently tweeted requesting ideas, is now in search for an impactful way to spend his money. He has hopes to create an innovative solution to help urgent needs, while continuing to bring value for the long-term. As Amazon continues to grow, Bezos’ will be looking for new projects, apart from e-commerce, that will serve a positive effect on the world we live in. It is impossible to know what it is next come, but it is sure to be exciting!

Black Friday pushes Jeff Bezos’ net worth to $100 billion

Engadget: Uber’s new chief knew about hack months before the public

In October 2016, hackers illicitly accessed the email addresses and phone numbers of around 57 million Uber customers. It has now been revealed that Uber’s new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, was aware of the data breach well before it was discovered by the public. The holding of such knowledge has put Uber under great scrutiny from the public. If users were notified immediately of the risk at hand, they would have been able to take protective measures before their information was exposed. Furthermore, this incident has shined Uber’s new CEO into a dark light, casting an unpredictable future for the ride-sharing company.

Engadget: Kick your smartphone habit with the ‘Substitute Phone’

For all of you smartphone addicts, there is finally a product that can help resolve your habit. The ‘Substitute Phone” looks and feels like a real phone, but instead of a screen, there are stone beads embedded in slots at various angles that allow you to scroll, pinch, and swipe. With no digital functions, the product from Klemens Schillinger is composed of five separate models and was invented in hopes to “calm users and help cope with withdrawal systems” that root from lack of attention given to your smartphone.

TechCrunch: Facebook rolls out AI to detect suicidal posts before they’re reported

Facebook will now be using artificial intelligence in efforts to protect suicidal users before it is too late. Their new, “proactive detection” technology will scan posts in search of patterns of suicidal thoughts and will then send mental health resources once found applicable. This is not the first time Facebook has tested implementing artificial intelligence technology into their platform; however, the idea of all of our posts being constantly scanned has surely sprouted fear and criticism from many users. Whether you are in favor of Facebook’s new feature or not, this software has the potential to serve a great purpose, with the power to save valuable lives.

Facebook rolls out AI to detect suicidal posts before they’re reported

Engadget: Moleskine’s smart notebook will work with Microsoft Office

Moleskine released a $300 ‘smart writing system’ back in June 2016. The product is equipped with special paper that contains a tiny camera within the pages that tracks the scribbles you write down. The notes can then be transferred over Bluetooth onto your computer as a digital version, making referencing and sharing much easier. Moleskine’s partner, Microsoft, has announced that they will make an compatible app that will be linked to the ‘smart notebook’ and will allow users to transfer their notes into Microsoft Office. The addition will directly convert your data and notes into a word document allowing the expensive product to make everyday life that much more convenient.