TechCrunch: Why the ‘end of the startup era’ could be great for entrepreneurs

Joseph Flaherty shines light on a hopeful future for entrepreneurs; sharing a more optimistic perspective than the article discussed weeks ago: After the End of The Startup Era (Jon Evans). Although Flaherty agrees that the “Frightful Five” and other big businesses will continue to dominate the market, he believes consolidation can actually be a good thing for entrepreneurs. Instead of simply defining startup success as building a cornerstone company that goes down in history, we must expand our definition to include success as building an even larger assortment of products that can reach an extensive range of consumers in a shorter time frame. Whether you like it or not, these powerful big business are here to stay. Entrepreneurs should not view them as an obstacle, but rather as an alternative pathway to share their products with the world.

TechCrunch: Jeff Bezos’s guide to life

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, shares his life philosophy during an interview with his brother, Mark Bezos. During the interview, Jeff Bezos gives personal advice ranging everywhere from how to live a balanced life to how to become an inventor.  “You either choose a life of “ease and comfort”, or of “service and adventure”, and when you’re 80, you’ll be more proud of the latter”,  Amazon CEO expresses the importance of making decisions that minimize regret. There is no singular route in life that will bring us fulfillment, but Bezos gives insightful advice on how to shape your own path to success.

TechCrunch: What’s holding back VR?

With so much hype surrounding virtual reality, the majority of chatter is future-focused with seemingly little movement. Why is VR yet to play a large role in our lives? Well Sanjit Dang helps answering this by explaining how VR does not rely on the tweaking of a pre-existing platform, but is ultimately a  “tectonic shift in how we interact with information and each other”. Dang believes VR will soon live up to the expectations, but in order to do so, he points out three steps necessary to overcome the barriers holding it back: forgetting VR on smartphones, creating more VR gaming studios, and separating VR from Hollywood. The shift into full adoption of VR will take time, but the work is underway and will be worth the wait.

Engadget: Saudi Arabia arrests one of tech’s biggest investors

Saudi Arabia is currently in the process of cracking down on alleged corruption, including the arrest of one of the most important tech investors, Prince al-Waleed bin Talal for money laundering charges. Holding the second highest stake in Twitter, Prince al-Waleed bin Talal has proven to play a major role in the tech industry, investing heavily in tech giants such as Apple and Lyft. The validity of the charges remain unclear, however, if found guilty, his conviction will dry up a prominent source of funding in the tech industry.

ReadWrite: Mind-blowing 3D printing feats & what to expect in 2018

The creation of 3D printing has already made so many unimaginable possibilities come to life. However, 3D printed houses and even printed food seems to only be the introduction of what’s to come for the future of 3D printing capabilities. Cara Chatellier shares the incredible advancements in 3D printing that you should expect to become possible in 2018; customized production materials, nano-printing, smart robotic arms, and the birth of 4D printing. 3D printing has already taken the world by storm and there is no signs of it slowing down.