Creating a website that allows you to sell items online (ecommerce) is much more difficult than you might think. To start with you need to be able to create a product catalog complete with pictures, descriptions, pricing, and product codes. Then you need to creating a shopping cart so that people can select which products they want to buy. Next is payment processing so that they can pay you as well as you receiving their payments from the credit card company into your bank account. That does not even cover shipping options, inventory tracking, or many other difficult issues involved with creating an ecommerce site.

Or you can use an ecommerce platform and save yourself a ton of time, money, and headache.

Shopify is a very popular platform that many businesses use to sell their products over the Internet. With it you get a website specifically for your business that you can make look however you want (though most people start with one of their prebuilt themes). You do not need to know how to create a website you just add each of your products along with a description and price and you can start selling.

What makes Shopify powerful are some of the other common features that it includes for you. These are things such as discount codes, gift cards, shipping labels, and sales reports so that you can track orders, inventory, and properly file your taxes. There is even an option, at an additional cost, to use Shopify to process payments inside your store (should you have one).

With Shopify, you can use a custom domain name for your business and setup a blog. Other things you can do is use Shopify to sell your products on Facebook, Pinterest, or Amazon to extend your potential customer base and make it easier for them to buy.

So, while every decision for your business needs to be made carefully, using an ecommerce platform rather than creating your own is probably one of the easier ones. The small cost involved is well worth it and will allow you to start selling sooner. As always, the less obstacles between you and making your first sale the better.