Cooking is a get-away for me. Stepping back from the hectic day-to-day of running my company, cooking allows me to focus all of my energy on a single task. The rewards, too, are reason enough to take up cooking, if you haven’t already.

As I was making breakfast for my family this past weekend, I realized that cooking is more than a hobby; it’s a learning experience, a moment for reflection, and a time to sharpen skills you need as an entrepreneur.

Love to Learn

Entrepreneurs face a lifetime of learning and developing new skills; what many overlook is the process of learning, which I argue is a skill in itself. Cooking provides the perfect platform to build on a skillset. There are always new ingredients, new techniques, and new dishes to learn to prepare. Plus you’ll never be without resources. The amount of recipes and cookbooks available will never leave you wanting.

Learn to Multitask

The second most important skill, (second only to tasting), in cooking is multitasking. Anyone who has ever prepared a multi-course meal or even a single course for many people understands you always have to be doing three things at once. Stir the sauce, check the meat temperature, slice vegetables, and the list continues. When you learn to multitask at any activity, that skill doesn’t disappear from the rest of your life.

Concentrate Your Energy and Clear Your Mind

Multitasking has another positive effect; it allows you to concentrate your efforts and rid your mind of any distractions. Forget about your business for an hour! By revisiting business tasks lists and challenges after time away, you allow your brain to approach problems from anew.

Express Creativity

Cooking is very much my creative outlet. Lacking artistic and poetic capabilities, cooking is the perfect pastime. The dramatic rise of celebrity chefs and televised cooking competitions has cultivated an increased effort and attention to plate presentation. Just like there is no shortage of recipes, so-called “” floods social media channels.

Enjoy the Rewards!

Unlike very similar outlets of painting, writing, and weightlifting, cooking leads to a direct consumable: food! Cooking for yourself gives you direct control over what you eat and better informs your palette and knowledge of ingredients. Substituting your own meals for takeout can have drastic impact on your health, well-being, and wallet!