Here are some common questions.


What is Whiteboard Youth Ventures?

Whiteboard Youth Ventures is a mission driven company that empowers students to explore the path of becoming an entrepreneur.

We offer two types of programs. The first is a more traditional summer program called the Global Startup Challenge. Hosted in Boston, students have the option to enroll for the one-week or two-week session. We acknowledge the study of entrepreneurship as a powerful vehicle for the development of analytical thinking, practical hard-skills, better team work, and improved communication, and we built the Global Startup Challenge to build this skill set in students.

The second program is our summer Incubator. Accepted students and their companies spend 4-weeks in Cambridge working to bring their businesses to life or to grow them. This is non-traditional, highly selective program. There is no tuition, and we receive no equity.

How does the Incubator work if there is no tuition and no equity involved?

The Whiteboard Incubator is an alternative investment vehicle that utilizes a form of venture debt. We provide accepted student companies with a package of services that may include work space in the CIC Cambridge, Boston’s premiere co-working space, legal services, digital marketing and advertising, technology licenses, prototyping budgets, and other forms of expert advice and coaching.

In exchange, once a company reaches a predefined milestone, such as $10,000 in sales, the student and company will repay us gradually with the profit the company is producing.

How long has Whiteboard been around?

In various capacities, Whiteboard Youth Ventures has been operational for more than three years. We have worked with students, schools, teachers, and parents from over 20 countries in helping to implement entrepreneurship and startup education programs. In 2017, we will select our first class for our Incubator program.

Who are the teachers and mentors?

We are a youth driven company. We believe that active, successful entrepreneurs are the best teachers and mentors for our students. Our mentors and coaches comes from a vast range of backgrounds, having worked at companies such as HubSpot, Google, and Microsoft, and are graduates of some of the best entrepreneurship schools in the country, such as Harvard, MIT, Babson, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Application & Qualifications

Who can apply to the Incubator?

We specifically designed the Incubator to work with high school students; however, any student under 20 years old may apply to the Whiteboard Incubator. US and international students are welcome to apply.

Why do I have to request an application?

Due to the large number of applications, we ask students to request an full application to better narrow down our field. All initial requests are reviewed and if selected, we will invite you to submit a full application and interview for a spot in our next class.

What does the ideal applicant look like?

We are interested in creators, makers, and hustlers. An ideal applicant will have already started working to start their business or have a plan to start their business. We want driven students who are committed to success, not students looking to pad their résumés. Show us that you have something special to bring to the table and that you’re driven enough to build something into existence.

What advantages are there to applying early?

We will review and release acceptances to students an companies that apply prior to January 20th. Depending on the quality and quantity of applications, we may close our application period if our 2017 class is filled.


Do you provide housing or meals?

We do not provide housing or meals for students during the summer Incubator, but we are happy to assist with finding lodging. If you are interested, you may purchase a housing plan, meal plan, or both from us. Our housing is provided at Boston University, where students would stay in supervised suite-style dorms.

The cost of housing is $600 per week. Meal plans that cover breakfast and dinner cost $200 per week.

Do you provide visas for international students?

We cannot guarantee nor supply visas for entry into the United States. You are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa for your stay in the United States. We are happy to assist you in any way possible, but cannot sponsor your visa.

Where will work take place?

All accepted students and companies will be provided with working space in the CIC Cambridge co-working community located at 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA on the campus of MIT.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at ask@whiteboardyouthventures.com or call us on +1 816-226-6940.