Whiteboard Youth Ventures alumnus Adam Lorenz-Kruk, currently in his freshman year at the Eisenberg School of
Business at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, is the founder of Kickback Pants and has been accepted into the Whiteboard Launch Program.

Kickback Pants is on a mission to get you to throw out those old pair of khakis for an updated style, constructed for the social adventurer.
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“Kickbacks are built to accommodate the supreme lifestyle. Whether you’re on the beach, in the club or finally meeting up with that fire tinder match, you’ll be dressed to impress.”

“Our pants are designed around three principles: comfort, confidence, and charity,” says Lorenz-Kruk. For every pair sold by Kickback Pants, the company plans to donate 5% of profits to a different animal charity each month.

Kickback Pants plans to role out four designs every season.

The Whiteboard Bridge Launch Fund is providing Kickback Pants with mentorship, web construction, legal services, and social media consultation as part of its package.

To stay up to date with Kickback Pants, sign up for the email list on their website, http://kickbackpants.com, and make sure pants are never the same again.